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Automated Testing ROI Assessment

What kind of return on investment could your firm get
by automating testing?

Automating software and integration testing using a purpose-built testing platform can directly affect your return on investment by:

  • Improving software quality and associated savings
  • Speeding time to market and revenue acceleration
  • Supporting agile methodologies and associated benefits
  • Increasing testing coverage
  • Reducing defects, downtime and the associated costs

Many firms hesitate to adopt automated testing because of the perceived initial investment, sacrificing longer term benefits for short cost constraints. But in our experience, automation delivers significant cost savings, even in the first year. The average firm using VeriFIX can expect to see:

  • 150+% ROI after the first year
  • 325+% ROI by the end of year three
  • 80% improvement in time to market new solutions
  • 75% reduction in production defects

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After you complete the form to the right, one of our representatives will contact you to schedule an ROI assessment. During the call, additional general information may be requested to help determine current state.  Examples of additional information include  the size and scale of your current testing operations, the number of test cases, frequency of your release cycle, and your current automation capabilities. This information will help us provide you with the most accurate ROI assessment possible. After a 30-60 minute assessment call, we will provide a detailed spreadsheet with your ROI analysis which you can further manipulate internally.

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